Holiday Sales Promotion

By Allison

This is the Advanced Version.  It requires about an hour a day to complete and some flexibility with your web provider to accomplish.  If you don't think you have the skills, nerves and time to complete this promotion.  Then, try the beginner version HERE.

NOVEMBER 21 - 1st Email Goes Out to List
NOVEMBER 24 - BLACK FRIDAY - Official 1st Day of Sale
NOVEMBER 26 - Last Day of Sale
NOVEMBER 27 - Optional Additional Day of Sale 


O C T O B E R 3 0 - N O V E M B E R 5: Design You Sale for Success

  • Select Sales Structure
  • Pick Your Promotion/Deal
  • Organize the Logistics

N O V E M B E R 6 - N O V E M B E R 1 2: Get Your Operations in Order

  • Use Your Team & Assign them Tasks
  • Define Your Customer's Journey
  • Optimize Your Website

N O V E M B E R 1 3 - N O V E M B E R 1 9: Get Your Marketing in Place

  • Create Sale Images
  • Draft & Schedule Emails
  • Draft & Schedule Social Media
  • Continue Optimizing Website

N O V E M B E R 2 0 - N O V E M B E R 2 7: Launch Your Sale

  • Send Out Emails
  • Prepare your Staff for Questions
  • Launch Your Sale
  • Follow Up with Your Customers

Planning a big Holiday Promotion takes many steps in order for you to be successful.  I've broken the planning process out into a four week process.

Week One:

Brainstorming - This is the week that you need to brainstorm products that you want to offer for either a Black Friday or Cyber Monday special.  When you're creating products to offer in your online store, you want to get in the gift buying mode.  What would someone want to for a gift?

Keep your customer in mind.  Many times over the holidays, your customers are the loved ones of your golfer.  This means that they know they want to buy something golf related, but may not know much about golf.

Please keep in mind that you want to make this easy for yourself.  For Cyber Monday, you want to offer items that are downloadable from your store.  At my golf course, we offer Vouchers for golf.  These are downloadable gift certificates with an order number on them.

We track them with using the order number for redemption.

Here's some ideas of things that I have offered in my online store.

  • Beer Buddy Pass - 18 holes, cart & 6 Pack of Beer
  • Loaded Foresome - Rounds of golf, cart, lunch & driving range for the foursome
  • Birthday Packages - driving range/minigolf, pizza and cupcakes
  • Better Golf Year - 4 rounds of golf and 4 group clinics
  • Lesson Packages
  • Awesome Golfer - 20 Round punch card pass (for this one, they redeem the voucher and we hand them a punch pass to carry in their wallet)

Consider your golfer and your golfer's pain points.  Then solve those points with a great product!

Week One's Live Planning Workshop

Week Two:

Now that you know WHAT you're going to sell, you need to work on the logistics of your campaign.

What does your funnel look like for your promotion?  Will it begin with a landing page?  Will you send people directly to your online store?  Will you provide a coupon discount or are you planning to do an upgraded offer?

Once you have made those decisions, it's time to get to work optimizing your website to prepare for a sale and create the necessary items needed in order for it to be a smooth experience for your golfer.

In Week Two, I created a Landing Page, opt-in form, and marketing materials.

It's important to brand your marketing, so use the same font, imagery, and similar wording in all of your materials.

To better understand what I mean by branding your overall promotion,  I thought I would share the images from my holiday promotion.  I think you'll see how there is an overall theme and message even though they don't all look exactly the same

These are two images that will be used for Social Media posts.  They are suitable for Facebook as well as Instagram.

These are two images that will be found on the homepage of my website.  They will be featured on the slider of the homepage.  If you don't have a slider, just a splash of an image on the homepage is completely fine.  Just picture it like putting a wreath on your door.

This image is what will replace my Cover Image on my
Facebook Business Page.

For my strategy, each one of these images will be linking to my Landing Page that has a similar look to these images.  The landing page is where people will sign up to become a VIP member.  

I have found that using promotions to help build my database is a very effective marketing tool.

If you don't want to it to segment your email list and/or add new customers, then you can refer to the beginner version HERE.

Week Two's Live Planning Workshop

Week Three:

In this week, you need to finish fine tuning your website.  Then, you'll begin writing your emails and social media posts.

Week Four:

FB Ads Strategy

In this session, I show you:

  • how to upload your email list, so you can use it as an audience
  • how to create a look alike audience
  • how to create an audience of people who like your page
  • how to create an audience who visits a specific web page (requires pixel)  

Tags represent which part of the Roadmap this lesson falls.