Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much - Helen Keller

One of the most important features of The Masters Club is our sense of community.   Running a business is so much easier when you can talk to others who have been in the trenches.  There's no sense in re-inventing the wheel.

Our Community is in the form of a Private Facebook Group.  In order to gain access, you simply need to visit the link and request to join.  

Once you join, only the members of The Masters Club will have access to your comments and questions.

Please request access here >>>>>>>

IMPORTANT:  If your Facebook account has a different email address to the one you supplied when you signed up for The Masters Club, please send me an email with the correct email address.  Email authentication is how we approve each member to the group.  If you have signed up for The Masters Club as a team, you can request access for additional team members.

Once you're approved, I invite you to introduce yourself!  Share where you're from and what position you hold at your golf course.

Posting Tips

Here are some Facebook hacks that will help you better navigate our community.

1.  Create Your Own Hashtag - If you want to save something for later, you can use your own hashtag which will make it easier to search for later.  When you comment or write a post, put in your own made up hashtag #golfrocks  Then, you can use the search bar to find all posts that contain your hashtag.  

2. If you have a question or want to share a kudos, then you just need to hop in the Community and write a post.  You don't need to wait for me to post, so that you can comment.  This is YOUR community!  We're here to help one another.

3.  Save a post - If you see something that you really like, you can save the post to be viewed later.

To do that, simply click on the gray arrow in the top right corner of the post. That will bring up a drop down.  You can click on Save Link to save that post.

Now that you have Saved the Post, Facebook will remind you to look at it if you haven't opened it recently.  Aren't they helpful?

In order to find all of the posts you have saved, you'll want to find the link on the left hand side of the screen.  There is a tool bar there‚Äč and you'll see an icon for Saved underneath the Explore Heading.

That's where you'll find all of the posts you have saved.

4.  Hitting Enter - Facebook can drive your mindless typing hands crazy.  You'll hit enter to start a paragraph and BOOM! you've unintentionally posted instead.  Happens to me all of the time!

However, I like to read in paragraphs.  It helps to break up the content and makes answers easier to read.  Am I right?

If you're like me, then you'll want to use this little trick!  Instead of only hitting the Return/Enter button by itself to create a new paragraph, you'll want to hit the Shift button at the same time you hit the Return/Enter button.  That's how you create a space in between paragraphs.   Like this...


5.  Following an Answer - Often times, you might want the answer to a post, but you don't have a comment.  Some people like to type the word "Following" in the comment section.  I'm not a fan of that.  It gets the person all excited who answered the question because they get a notification that someone answered and then...wah wah wah.  They check and all they see is the word "following."  Queue the massive let down!

Instead, click on the little arrow at the top of the post.  That will give you the option to Turn On Notifications.  In the same manner, you can also turn off notification if you're slowly being driven crazy with your phone buzzing every second about a post that you don't really care about the answer.

What Not to Do

The Community of the Private Facebook group is not for you to be a sales person.  This is our safe zone.  No selling or self promotion.